Círculo de Pilotos de Yate

   Puerto de Olivos (BA) - República Argentina

   Un lugar de encuentro para los amantes de la navegación y de la amistad


Hystory of the CPY

More than 50 years of prestige -

The CPY is a civil, nonproffit organizaion, founded in 1961 by the first promotion of the "pilotos de prefectura", becoming a legal personality since 1965.

Being the Argentinian Coast Guard the main institution that gave birth to its existence, the CPY was born and had its first headquarters at the college of civil navy in Buenos Aires. 

later on, with the constant support of the Argentinian Coast Guard, the CPY was granted with the use of the ex-coast guard "Gaviota".

the "Gaviota" was subsecuently replaced by the ex-coast guard yatch 42 "Albatros", with greater posibilities of making it fit for the function of the club and preserving the famous yatch, pride of the design and argentinian naval construction since its launch (1939) from being sold and turned into srcap. Designed by German Freis and constructed by the Sanchez shipyard under the strictest regulations of the Loyd´s Register of Shipping. Douring many years and up to its decomision, it has been the main atraction in the Olivos harbour, where it has been throughfuly visited. 

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through the Yatch Club Argentino, that represents the National Authority on behalf of the Yatch Raicing Union (IYRU) (more comonly known as the international sailing federation), the CPY is an internationaly recogniced institution, and its members have the main requisite for competing in national and international regatas.

The CPY is recognised as a sailing school and as a sailing institute by the Argentinian Coast Guard.