Círculo de Pilotos de Yate

   Puerto de Olivos (BA) - República Argentina

   Un lugar de encuentro para los amantes de la navegación y de la amistad


Curso Conductor Naútico

This course will develop in a month with practical and theoretical classes every sunday morning. Practical clases will take place at the Olivos harbour and will be done on H19 sailboats (with engine) or in a traker (powerboat with 40HP).

All the academic material necessary for the course will be administered by the CPY. We are allso responsible of evaluating and delivering the certificate neaded to get the sailing license from "Prefectura Naval Argentina".

Check the newsboard for dates and vacancies.
Study Program

The course will be dictated acording to the official program used by PNA. Click here to see the program


It allows you to get the recreational nautical certificate of "Conductor Náutico" that grants you the right to sail recreational powerboats in river and lake navigation. Boundaries seted for the "Rio de la Plata" require "Conductores Nauticos" to keep north of an imaginary line conecting "Punta Piedras" (Republica Oriental del Uruguay) with the southern margin of the "Rí­o Paraná Guazú"; in the costal strip between the coastline of the "Rio de la Plata" and the "Canal Emilio Mitre". Other areas of the "Rio de la Plata" are also allowed as well as some maritime areas established by the PNA. Powerboats of up to 7m in length and with less than 140HP can be sailed by "Conductores Nauticos" as lon as the climatic conditions are favorable.

Requirements (Prefectura Naval Argentina)
  • Being over 18 years of age.Ser mayor de 18 años de edad.
  • Present a medical certificate determining Phyco-Physic and audiovisual aptitude for the practice of recreational navigation, acording to what is established en the Art. 402.0409 of the Reginave.
  • Hand in 2 colored fotocopies of 35 x 35 mm, opdated and without glasses, unless they are prescribed for permanent use.
  • Present Original documentation and hand in a fotocopy of the first 2 pages and your last place of residence.